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Along with being passionate about the game of pool, we want to help you get the most out of your pool table. Whether you are a casual player or a serious competitor, Level Best Billiards is the perfect place for you. We offer a wide selection of pool tables from top brands and can help you choose the perfect table for your needs. We also have a large inventory of pool tables, supplies, air hockey, foosball, pub tables, bars, accessories etc.

Level Best Billiards invites you call at 770-598-0550 or visit our showroom at 2887 Highway 78, Suite 107 Loganville, Ga 30052 just outside of Atlanta today to learn more about our services offered. John & Clayton have both been in the billiard industry 25 plus years and will treat you like family.

We offer a full line of services for pool tables along with extensive knowledge on all brand and model tables. Our services include: Pool table moving, pool table recovering / re-felting, disassembly, reassembly, re-cushion / re-rubbering of rails, repairs, pool table storage short term and long term. We also purchase used tables.

VETERANS AND APA MEMBERS receive a discount on accessories purchased in store including pool cues, cue cases, pool balls, darts & dart boards and more!



Below are a list of Frequently Asked Question. Simply click the plus sign to show the answer. Still have quetion? Please call us!

What kind of level do you use to level the pool table?

The answer you want to hear is a Starrett Machinist Level! If that's not the answer you get, I looking for a company that does, This is the difference you can see. This is the level we use on every pool table job we do.

Above are some pictures that illustrate just how accurate the starrett level is.

The center picture is the Starrett level with a $10 bill beside it. You can see that the bubble is exactly between the 2 large lines. This shows the surface you are leveling is perfectly level.

This level is incredibly accurate and reads 0.005 of an inch per ft. For pro play, you are allowed 0.015 per ft (that means this level can be off by 3 lines and you are still within pro specs). We make sure to level every pool table perfectly. This is the difference you can see

Is my pool table a 1 piece or 3 piece slate table?

This is a common question and an important one to know when getting a quote to move or recover your pool table. If your pool table is coin-operated or used to be, it will be a 1 piece slate table. Also, if you look under the table and it only has 1 cross support running width wise from center pocket to center pocket, it will be a 1 piece as well.

Do I have to recover / refelt my pool table when having it moved?

No, it’s not required to recover the table when moving, as long as it’s taken apart correctly. But, this is definitely the best time to recover / refelt and save money while the table is apart.

Can I move my pool table without taking it apart?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! A 3 piece slate table must be taken apart to move it from one location to another correctly. If it’s a 1 piece slate table this may be possible, but it is definitely a pain.

How can I tell if my table needs new bumpers (rail rubber)?

Pool table rails/bumpers should be firm but pliable. One of two things happens to bumpers over time as they age. The most common one is they get rock hard and cause the balls to thud without bouncing like they once did, or they start to get soft and mushy causing the balls to stop and slowly rebound off the rails. If this has happened to your pool table we can install new rail rubbers for you and bring the life back into it for you.

How much space do I need for my pool table?

Answer 6

What is the difference between standard napped billiard cloth and a worsted billiard cloth?

Standard cloth while durable does have a nap which needs to be brushed frequently to help it perform its best. The standard cloth we use is a 75/25 blend 20oz by Championship and comes with a Teflon coating to help prevent stains.
Worsted cloth, AKA tournament cloth, doesn’t require brushing and can be cleaned with a lightly damp rag. This cloth plays faster and takes English better but does cost more. Life expectancy on both cloth types is the same and depends on how it is taken care of.

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