Over time, the felt on a pool table can become stained, faded, or even torn. Recovering the table with new felt can make it look like new again, even improve the playability. The felt on a pool table is designed to provide a smooth, consistent surface for your shots to count. If the felt is old or damaged, playing your best game could be difficult. Recovering your table with new felt can extend the life of the table and save you money in the long run.

Re-felting: your table with best brands,
*21oz Championship Cloth with a Teflon spill resistant coating with up to 46 colors to choose from and most of which we keep in stock.
*Simonis 860/760 this is the pro quality worsted cloth that you see them play on t.v. It take english better and plays faster than standard cloth. (but also cost more) There are 18 colors to choose from.

Refelting Refelting Refelting Refelting


Re-Rubbering Bumpers

Re cushioning of the rails: (if your tables rails have lost the liveliness they use to have we can make it play like new) When we do new cushions we have to bring the tables rails back to the shop. 1st we have to strip all the old rail rubbers off, Then remove all the old glue off the sub- rails. After all that's done we have to glue the new cushions on and let that dry over night. Next we have to cut the new cushions to the right profile and last glue and cut the facings to match.

Recushioning Recushioning Recushioning Recushioning

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