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Q: What kind of level do you use to level the pool table?

A: The answer you want to hear is a Starrett Machinists' Level!
If that's not the answer you get I would keep looking for a company that does, This is the difference you can see.
This is the level we use on every pool table job we do, above are some pictures that illustrate just how accurate the starrett level is.
The center picture is of the starrett level with a $10 bill beside it, you can see that the bubble is exactly between the 2 large lines. That shows the surface your leveling is perfectly level.
The right picture shows the $10 bill under one side of the level, and you can clearly see that with just the thickness of the bill itchanged the level by a line and a half.
This level is incredibly accurate and reads 0.005 of an inch per ft. For PRO play your allowed 0.015 per ft (that means this level can be off by 3 lines and your still within pro specs) We make sure to level every pool table perfectly. Like I said this is the difference you can see.


All service work we do comes with a full warranty, we rely on word of mouth so we make sure to make every customer 100% satisfied. Licensed and fully insured

Services we offer but not limited to:

FREEinspection of your pool table:
This includes the entire table. We will check the cloth, pockets, rail rubbers, hardware, slate, frame, legs, rails and blinds to make sure your getting exactly what you were told. This is very important to have done when your buying a table so you know what your getting and if its missing anything. (this comes free when you have us setup, take apart or move a table)
Pool table moving, 3 piece slate pool tables:
When we move the pool table we mark the slate and the frame to insure all the slate screws go back in the same holes. We also bag the hardware and fold the cloth.
last we wrap all the rails in pads before we load them in our box truck for extra safe transportation of your pool table.
At the new location we then center the table up where you want it and put it back together with the existing cloth level ready to play like new.
If you want you can save money by Re-felting it at the same time. Its cheaper to do it now while we have the table apart
Moving Part 1 Disassemble:
Moving Moving Moving Moving Moving
Moving Part 2 Reassemble:        
Moving Moving Moving Moving Moving
Setup of pool tables:
This includes us centering the table up where you want it and putting the table together level ready to play, using the existing cloth. If you want you can save money by Re-felting it at the same time. Its cheaper to do it now while we have the table apart.
Setup Setup Setup Setup Setup
Taking apart pool tables:
We mark the slate and the frame to insure all the slate screws go back in the same holes. We also bag the hardware and fold the cloth. And last we will put the table in the house where you want it stored.
Take apart Take apart Take apart Take apart
Your choice of,
*21oz D&R championship cloth with a teflon coating (which makes it spill resistant) your choice of color There are 46 colors to choose from and most of which we keep in stock.
*Simonis 860/760 this is the pro quality worsted cloth that you see them play on t.v. It take english better and plays faster than standard cloth. (but also cost more) There are 18 colors to choose from.
*Velocity Pro cloth, this is a worsted cloth as well and plays a lot like the simonis with a little cheaper price. Both are great quality.
Yesthe priceincludes us putting new cloth on the bed andrails as well. We also re-level the entire table and re-wax the seams with bees wax. Pick a brand and color here.
Refelting Refelting Refelting Refelting
Re cushioning of the rails:
(if your tables rails have lost the liveliness they use to have we can make it play like new)
When we do new Cushions we have to bring the tables rails back to the shop. 1st we have to strip all the old rail rubbers off, Then remove all the old glue off the sub- rails. After all that's done we have to glue the new cushions on and let that dry over night. Next we have to cut the new cushions to the right profile and last glue and cut the facings to match.
Recushioning Recushioning Recushioning Recushioning

Any prices we give you are all inclusive, there are no hidden fees or extra charges to pay. (we do not charge extra if their are stairs involved most of the competitors do!!!!)

We use a box truck to move your table, so we can do it rain or shine. And will arrive promptly as scheduled.

Any questions feel free to call 770-598-0550
We work on any type of pool table:
Gandy, Olhausen, Brunswick, Leisure bay Connelly, Kasson, CL Bailey, & more.

Level Best Lifetime Warranty

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